Written in Blood is a downloadable murder mystery dinner party, where all of your guests are suspects! The game is designed for eight players, two of whom are extra guests, meaning you can play the party with or without them. However, if present, the extra guests have special roles to make sure they are properly included and don't wander off half way through the party to examine your houseplants. Written in Blood comes as a downloadable folder of PDFs, including printing instructions, a detailed guide for the host, eight secret clues, character booklets and free printables to help you set the scene.
Fun and just a tad frivolous, Written in Blood is a classic thunder and lightening vampire mystery set in the Victorian era. The characters are crafty, the plot is twisty, and deceit and devilry abound! Click on the 'Setting' and 'Characters' links below to sneak a closer look.

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