Welcome to the Deadly Nightshade Games prop shop, where you can purchase beautiful Victorian fancy dress to show off at your murder mystery party. Unlike other fancy dress available online, which often uses cheap materials like polyester and is mass-produced, these elegant accessories are carefully handmade from beautiful fabrics.
Now available for you to buy (and rock) are delicate Victorian style hair bows, with tiny decorative buttons, cameos and silky ribbon drops; collar and cuff sets which can be worn over any plain long sleeved top, or on their own for a modern take on Victorian fashion; and tie-on bustles, which can be worn over any skirt, though it’s best to choose a skirt of a matching colour.
It’s only the female characters of Deadly Nightshade Games who can buy their Victorian fancy dress on here for now… but watch this space for some devilishly daring menswear coming soon. Remember to like our Facebook page for competitions and special offers, and check out our Pinterest page for more spooky fancy dress ideas.
Victorian fancy dress design and production by Annelies Henny,
Photography by Luke Doyle,

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