How to: Victorian Hair for your Vampire Costume

Remember that time you watched Brahm Stoker’s Dracula starring Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, fell in love with the decadent costumes, watched it five times in a row and then started turning up at university lectures dressed in giant ‘Victorian’ bows and ruffles that made your tutor wince? No? Just me then…. That being said, anyone with a love of dressing up and costume will know how much fun ‘Victorian’ and ‘Vampire’ are as fancy dress themes. Indeed, it was this period of the history that the vampire went from the very unsexy ‘possessed corpse terrorising villagers’ to the infinitely more attractive ‘handsome undead nobility haunting upper-class bedchambers’. The vampire became glamorous, if you like — and much more fun to dress up as.

Key to the Victorian vampire look is the hair. Indeed, I’d argue that you can get away with rather token costume gestures if the distinctive Victorian hair is right. I have an intense dislike of online hair tutorials which stems from the time I got half way through creating 1950s victory rolls only to discover I was missing a very specific kind of curling iron, not to mention a large chunk of my life. You may rest assured, therefore, that these tutorials are simple and can be easily achieved in 30 minutes or so before your vampire party. Or your Victorian party, for that matter, though I see less evidence of those. (Shame. The Victorians had a healthy love of gin which no doubt enlivened even the most staid of soirees.)

For more hair, makeup and costume ideas on how to make ‘undead’ look very much alive in 2014, join me on Pinterest. To cheat and purchase amazing actual costumes visit my Prop Shop here. Anyway, enough talk; more hair:


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