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Baroque ‘O Clock

Last Saturday night the air outside was sharp and uninviting, so I decided to stay in the warm and learn the basics of creating lace eye make up… as you do. It worked out surprisingly well and was relatively easy, so I thought I would share it with you. It would be perfect for a Baroque themed game, such as
Le Mystère Des Masques, my review of which can be found here.

I got my inspiration from the oh-so-delicate stick on lace eye masks you can buy from here, but who can afford to spend £9 plus per eye for a night out? Certainly not penniless murder-mystery game writers like myself.


A few tips:

  • Find a pattern online to copy for your first attempt (free styling is all very well, but it takes more time and thought). I used this pattern.
  • Avoid trying to draw directly on the eyelid, as the stretchy skin there makes it hard to keep lines clean.
  • Don’t make the same mistake as me: apply your eyeshadow first. I tried to dab it on afterwards to add some colour, and ended up having to go over most of my eyeliner lines.
  • Make a cup of hot tea before you start; this is something to take your time over.

Once you’ve got the technique down, there are lots possibilities: you could certainly keep going and make a whole fake mask, or, alternatively, start from the hairline down and draw on a lace veil!