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Decorating with Red

I have recently moved home, to a sweet little flat in Greenwich. Too sweet. It needs some blood on the walls, and by that I mean some decent crime fiction posters to give the chintz an edge. With the new wave in typography wall art, I expected to be picking through pages of beautifully illustrated crime quotes and covers. It seems, however, that detective fiction has been somehow left out of this lucrative loop. So here’s a wishful post of genius crime fiction covers and art I would happily have adorning my home. Print, frame and sell them to me somebody, please.

© Deadly Nightshade Games, 2014

From left to right: Crime novel by Lillian Bergquist and Irving Moore, published in the UK by Sampson Low in 1949. Set in Los Angeles, California (source:; Raymond Chandler quote by Ben Newman (source:; crime fiction cover art by Robert McGinnis (source; The New York Trilogy cover, by Paul Auster (source:; Cold Shot to the Heart, Wallace Stroby, Minotaur Books; Helen Grant, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden.